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Dota 6.77c AI 1.4 Rev2

Now i will update again the latest of dota map ai for free . want it ? here they are Dota 6.77c AI 1.4 Rev2 read it below : see to : Dota 6.77b AI 1.4 DoomsDay 

siang teman segala dan que ayuda dotames sekalian untuk kesempatan sekarang aku akan kembali placing a comment map dota trendi yang anyar dirilis banyak minggu yang selanjutnya yaitu Guide DotA v-6. 77c AJAI - 4b Rev2 Untuk sobat yang hampir sering maen dota dirumah bagi belajar ni guide baru jadi.

  1. Permanent 1v1 pester.
  2. Permanent human's skill-autousage not to mention skill-disable pester.
  3. Permanent bugs in AJAI engage not to mention engage-cancel product. Now AJAI can’t afford to ignore attacking game characters after cancelling take part.
  4. Permanent bug during SB's Charge for Darkness response. SB is now able to use Charge that will leave.
  5. AJAI is now able to Sentry lane. Increased the flag check rate meant for dust and infirmary.
  6. Permanent Siren's Rip Hold casting affliction.
  7. Permanent Courier possibly not regenerating life/mana during jump.
  8. Permanent Viscous Mucus Goo.
  9. Substantially improved Courier's response. AI'scourier at this time spawn in a roundabout way above fountain to forestall selection covering up.
  10. Up graded item builds for Miniature, Warlord, Invoker not to mention Ursa.
  11. Permanent bugs in garment system, for example double boots many some.
  12. Permanent Heaven’s Halberd's To disarm pester.
  13. Improved upon sideshopping.
  14. Improved upon AI behaviour in the vicinity of enemy spire, turret. Now AJAI can’t afford to towerdive carelessly.
  15. Improved upon AI chasing response.
  16. Improved upon Riki's response.
  17. Improved upon defense system.
  18. Improved upon Razor's Static Website practices.
  19. Increased safety measure to forestall Requiem pester.
  20. Diverse tweaks and steps.
  21. Permanent a bug through melee/ranged stuff.
  22. Extracted use of Naga`s ult when ever Enemytower is decreased HP and npcs are near them. Outdated issues.
  23. Differently abled -random when in -pa/-pe
  24. Extracted DebugMsgs meant for Riki
  25. Permanent a pester considering the Familiars
  26. Tiny`s Aghanims steps
  27. Permanent courier's return home delay when ever it`s professional deceased
  28. Increased extra check that will prioritize Stress unitsupon assisting
  29. Adjustment the fitness of Void`s final thrown
  30. Permanent some bad OrderIDs meant for Gap
  31. Permanent Meepo clones leading to sideshop feature
  32. Changed Diabolic Edict spire, turret computer |code calculatordecoder}
  33. Changed skillbuild meant for Leshrac

Download : Dota 6.77c AI 1.4 Rev2
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Dota 6.77b AI 1.4 DoomsDay

Hi now i will posted an a good information for you only you it Dota 6.77b AI 1.4 DoomsDay . i will post latest map dota ai see it below :

ChangeLog DotA v6. 77b AI 1.4
  • Brand new: Ported the particular map pleased to latest DotA six. 77b
  • Brand new: AI Possessed private Courier program. Something similar to AI Delivery Show, only distinction is - People don`t obtain access to this courier`s solutions When there is a runner within the Ai group.. this individual also gets the courier.. totally free.
  • Brand new: Massive gets Item`s build program, ganking plus overall features.
  • Set: AI-Dummy Caster repairs.
  • Set: Up-to-date the outdated capability ids and AJE ability uses
  • Set: Auroth, the wintertime Wyvern and Zet, the particular Arc Warden obtained new plus gleaming AJE
  • Set: Bug upon aiSideShopping trapped.
  • Fine-tune: Enhanced sideshopping post-action.
  • Brand new: Coordinated destroy plus cancelkill.
  • Brand new: Additional midas, Mother, plus veil assistance.
  • Fine-tune: Rod associated with Atos and Veil problems.
  • Brand new: Additional Ethereal Blade make use of.
  • Repair: Attempt to Repair the problem associated with jungling brought on by Problem Assault in an attempt to nonvisible Resting Creeps
  • Brand new: Include Class-Check Counter-top
  • Fine-tune: AJE Leading man Jungling modifications
  • Fine-tune: -XM setting value modifications (5% reduced charges on destroy, five per cent bonus upon death)
  • Repair: eliminated extra-HoT from product system. It had been disrupting the product develops.
  • Repair: Difficulties with sideshop TP
  • Fine-tune: Eliminated Spirit Breaker through Midas listing
  • Fine-tune: Include Sven in order to Mother Listing
  • Fine-tune: Right now Centuar(Double Advantage, 40%chance) plus Meepo(F, 70%chance)will possess opportunity to cast in order to creeps when pressing (with adequate HP/MP/Level with no enemy leading man focuses on nearby)
  • Brand new: AI side effects of msg Strings injected in to game txt documents. Replaced the majority of AI msg within script in order to GetObjectName('ID'). This really is completed associated with AI "language" converted on other dialects.
  • Repair: Removed the additional Linkens Sphere through Storm Spirit`s develop.
  • Repair: Fixed product pick and sympathy issues.
  • Brand new: Targeting Jakiro's Ice Route.
  • Repair: Crack AICastAbilityOnPoint when the Loc parameter will be null to avoid AI cast means 0n (0, 0)
  • Fine-tune: Up-to-date what exactly they are called Listing for -CN setting (Cool Titles mode)
  • Fine-tune: Transformed gamemode notification textual content. Additional brand new "Gold/Exp Mode" "Quest" within Chart Information
  • Brand new: Your courier will certainly spawn just along with a minumum of one AJE friend
  • Fine-tune: The particular Courier Item will certainly offspring around the Circle associated with Energy rather than the nearby the particular spawnloc associated with characters
  • Repair: Many seeping functions repairs.
  • Fine-tune: Lina's Gentle Strike Variety Striving
  • Brand new: Additional theoritical tower forestalling in order to courier
  • Fine-tune: Added harm check up on Alchemis's Unstable Mixture. Usage problems modified.
  • Fine-tune: New product set with regard to Rubick, Bristleback, plus Goldmacher
  • Repair: -- Courier upon -sp (with AJE information about this bonus)
  • Fine-tune: -- Improved lothar make use of upon getting away
  • Repair: -- Hinders sideshop tp whenever getting Robot
  • Fine-tune: Brand new Razor's item develop.
  • Brand new: Added situation to check on enemy heroes whenever courier provides.
  • Repair: Additional forcefix with regard to Necronomicon
  • Repair: Try to repair Tombstone`s usage lost upon creeps
  • Repair: The lacking AImsg within itemstrings. txt
  • Brand new: Additional a CN edition associated with Itemstrings (based upon DOTA cn ver)
  • Repair: Set autousage skills associated with Centaur, Zet, plus Ice Wyrm
  • Repair: Set DefaultString error upon courier bonus information

Enjoy it :)